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Cendrowski Corporate Advisors specialists have written several books on topics including private equity, fraud deterrence, risk management, cloud computing and electronic discovery, underscoring the firm’s expertise. Each volume offers a wealth of details, practice tips, and examples, and is considered indispensable references by educators and business people alike.


Private Equity: History, Governance, and Operations

Private equity investment is now a staple of the world economy: it reshapes “tired” companies into more agile organizations, and provides go-to-market financing for the world’s newest and best ideas. Private equity has earned its place in the investment community as an asset class that generates wealth for investors, and employees of the companies it transforms.

Loaded with rich details on the industry, Private Equity: History, Governance, and Operation contains all the information you need to know to become a better investor by employing sound governance practices and operations know-how.

The Journal of Accountancy writes: “For novices and experienced investors alike, achieving a better understanding of the complexities of private-equity investing may prove easier with this in-depth resource at your side.”

Four modules aimed at expanding the reader’s knowledge of PE investment strategy and fund management highlight:

The History of Private Equity

  • Comprehensive introduction to private equity process, key players, terms of investment, and historical trends
  • Harvesting mechanisms of initial public offerings (IPO)
  • The sale to a strategic or financial buyer (an M&A deal)

Governance Structures in Private Equity

  • Unique governance structures that the PE model imparts on portfolio companies
  • Applicable professional standards, models of internal control
  • Contemporary business and competitive intelligence

Understanding Operations

  • Information on assessing and improving the operations of portfolio companies
  • A philosophical framework that facilitates a detailed understanding of the complexities of today’s organizations

Special Considerations in Private Equity Investments

  • The intricacies of PE fund and portfolio company investment
  • Legal considerations in exit strategies
  • Raising capital through exempt offerings of securities

This book, part of the permanent collection in more than 740 libraries worldwide, is a valuable reference for high net worth individuals, accountants and auditors, private equity portfolio managers, entrepreneurs, and public company managers.

ISBN-10: 1118138503 | 
ISBN-13: 978-1118138502 | Hardcover
 357 pages | May 2012

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Enterprise Risk Management and COSO

While practitioners, academia, and regulators have sought to define risk and develop a framework for analyzing it, an understandable, transparent approach has largely eluded directors and executives.

Enterprise Risk Management and COSO introduces a holistic risk assessment methodology, building upon the original COSO framework and COSO’s subsequent enterprise risk management publication. This methodology, developed by Harry Cendrowski and his colleagues at Cendrowski Corporate Advisors, allows managers and risk assessment practitioners to accurately measure the levels of enterprise risk.

The authors skillfully introduce key tenets of enterprise risk management at a high level for directors and executives in the first section of the book. The second section details and presents:

  • Quantitative risk management models for risk assessment practitioners
  • A unique methodology to help organizations better understand and quantify the risks they face.

The methodology serves as an invaluable guide to quantifying and assessing risks within selected groups of enterprise systems.

 “The importance of risk management has increased in recent years as numerous accounting scandals, financial crises, and billion-dollar frauds have caused investors and organizations to lose large amounts of wealth. [Enterprise Risk Management and COSO] introduces a holistic risk assessment methodology, building upon the original COSO framework and COSO's subsequent enterprise risk management publication. This methodology allows managers and risk assessment practitioners to accurately measure the levels of enterprise risk.”

Bank Director, the information resource for bank boards

If you are directly or indirectly involved in risk management, this volume introduces topics in an innovative way that invites brainstorming and analytical thinking, and provides a comprehensive reference on core management or risks. This handbook is housed in the permanent collection of more than 200 libraries worldwide.

ISBN: 978-0-470-46065-8 | December 2009  | 335 Pages

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The Handbook of Fraud Deterrence

The Handbook of Fraud Deterrence encompasses the applicable professional standards and common applications for forensic accounting, fraud deterrence, and fraud investigation services. It's the first book of its kind to explain fraud deterrence through the lens of improving internal controls within the structure of forensic accounting procedures. 

“It provides business owners with resources and implementation strategies that can improve an organization’s ability to protect itself from fraud.” 
— Oakland County Legal News

This handbook is included in the permanent collections of more than 250 university libraries  worldwide.

ISBN: 978-0-471-93134-8 | Hardcover 456 pages | December 2006

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Cloud Computing and Electronic Discovery

Cloud Computing and Electronic Discovery comprehensively covers the quickly-evolving realm of eDiscovery in cloud computing environments, a computing and legal frontier in which the rules and legal precedents are being developed seemingly by the day.

This volume is a comprehensive resource for understanding the nuanced development of cloud eDisovery policies, practices, and precedent-setting laws as they continue to develop.

The authors delve into this fascinating and rapidly-changing topic to help fraud investigators, legal professionals, forensic accountants, and executives understand the ramifications of storing data with third-party providers and how such storage mechanisms relate to the limits of discovery practices.

This book presents a complete discussion of the few existing legal precedents and current cases shaping the interpretation of discovery laws in the cloud space. It is a perfect overview for executives storing their companies’ data in the cloud, and the legal professionals tasked with understanding and interpreting the discovery rules surrounding that data.

Topics covered include:

  • Current trends in cloud computing, along with potential information to consider in an investigation that involves data held by a cloud service provider
  • Updates on current and proposed laws governing discovery of information held by a third-party cloud service provider
  • Updates on legal cases that address the Electronic Communication Privacy Act, the Federal law prohibiting release of information by a third-party provider
  • Practical guidance on how to consider the availability of cloud data relevant to an investigation and how to include this data in discovery plans

Business, accounting, and legal professionals will find this book an invaluable resource for understanding the nuanced development of cloud eDiscovery policies, practices, and law as they continue to unfold and develop.

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The Computer Fraud Casebook: The Bytes that Bite

This one-of-a-kind collection consists of actual cases written by fraud examiners out in the field; Cendrowski Corporate Advisors managing directors Harry Cendrowski and Jim Martin contributed a chapter discussing fraud examination.

Each case study was hand-selected from hundreds of submissions and together form a comprehensive picture of the many types of computer fraud and how they are investigated, across industries and throughout the world. Topics include are email fraud, on-line auction fraud, security breaches, counterfeiting, among others.

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