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Minority Shareholder Oppression & Shareholder Dispute Resolution

It’s not uncommon for shareholders to disagree on important decisions, based on their perspectives, amount of shares held, and their unique financial situations. When these shareholder disputes happen, they typically require damages calculations and valuation of the business and its assets.

During Shareholder Disputes, Cendrowski Corporate Advisors Provides Valuation and Damage Calculations Advisory for Common Reasons, Including:

  • Allegations of mismanagement by leadership or board members
  • Separation or death of a majority shareholder
  • Allegations of diversion of funds or excess compensation
  • Irregularities in accounting practices

Our trusted advisors are regularly engaged to provide analysis and accounting support needed to resolve shareholder disputes and cases involving minority shareholder oppression. We provide detailed information and expert witness testimony to help counsel, mediators, and the courts resolve disputes in a range of industries, from early-stage family businesses to longstanding partnerships.

Dispute Resolution Among Company Shareholders

Shareholder disagreements may involve disputes over whether a business has made money over time, how much profit it has made, and whether distributions were rightfully paid out. Sometimes these issues arise because the accounting records were not accurately prepared. The other party may also try to hide information that would show their case was weaker than they claim it is.

Forensic Accounting for Dispute Resolution

Cendrowski Corporate Advisors has significant experience working with forensic accounting for dispute resolution, and we make sure that the shareholders who engage us are able to approach their dispute with accurate, detailed information presented in a way that is easy to understand. To properly determine shareholder value and rightful distributions, our trusted professionals provide solid analysis of the business’s financial situation, including profits, expenses, and cash flow, thereby determining shareholder value and actual financial damages.

The goal of most of our shareholder dispute and minority shareholder oppression engagements is to settle the case outside of the court system, helping everyone involved avoid unnecessary court costs and minimize legal expenses. However, when a case ends up in the courtroom, our firm’s advisors are experienced expert witnesses, successfully presenting and defending their findings.

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