Financial Dispute Resolution Service and Fraud Investigations

Cendrowski Corporate Advisors provides clients with the highest level of professional service in financial disputes resolution and investigation advisory capacities. Members of our investigative team hold an average of four nationally recognized financial and forensic certifications and have an average of 20+ years of investigative experience.

Our professionals work with corporate and individual clients and their legal counsel to investigate and resolve fraudulent activities. Members of our senior team have served in high-profile fraud investigations across multiple industries to small family offices.

Our senior leaders have served as expert witnesses in numerous trials, and their analyses have been recognized by judges and juries for their comprehensive nature.

How Can CCA Advisors Help With Your Company’s Financial Dispute Complaint Resolution or Fraud Investigation?

We have provided investigation and financial dispute resolution services to private and public companies, legal counsel, government entities, and not-for-profits. Our investigative services provide organizations with actionable intelligence for:

  • Hiring key high-level personnel
  • Establishing new vendor relationships
  • Committing to affiliations and sponsorships that are critical to the business
  • Making financial commitments to drive commerce
  • Assessing and finalizing acquisitions and joint ventures
  • Assessing current key officers, Board members, and other professionals

Trusted Advisors in Fighting Fraud

We wrote the book on fraud deterrence, underscoring our firm’s expertise. The Handbook of Fraud Deterrence is the first book of its kind to explain fraud deterrence through the lens of improving internal controls within the structure of forensic accounting procedures.

“It provides business owners with resources and implementation strategies that can improve an organization’s ability to protect itself from fraud.”

-- Oakland County Legal News

Cendrowski Corporate Advisors investigation services include comprehensive background investigations, asset searches, on-the-ground investigation activities, interviews, digital forensics (computer evidence retrieval), and BSA Look Back Reviews as ordered by the FDIC in conjunction with enhanced due diligence investigations.

International Investigations

Cendrowski Corporate Advisors’ affiliation with GGI Global Alliance AG offers clients access to a global network of resources. Our team has exceptional experience with global operations, with direct contacts and investigators in many states and countries. As with all of our services, our investigative activities are performed with the highest degree of confidentiality.

Our firm’s professional investigation expertise includes fraud deterrence and investigation, interview and interrogation, background checks and investigations, surveillance, and investigative due diligence.

Financial Background Investigations

Cendrowski Corporate Advisors has uncovered multimillion-dollar fraud cases and complicated money-laundering schemes and revealed otherwise unknown personal information that has changed investment, management, and hiring decisions.

Our financial background investigation team follows a phased approach to investigations, with many sources of data collection. Our team members adhere to proven processes when preparing reports and expert witness testimony. We strive to ensure clarity and accuracy in all elements of our work, which has been accepted and upheld in legal venues around the country.

This approach allows us to develop intelligence regarding:

  • Regulatory issues
  • Criminal and civil litigation involvement
  • Bankruptcies
  • Verification of education, credentials, and professional licenses
  • Judgments and liens
  • Assets
  • Adverse media
  • Associated business entities and relationships
  • International searches and surveillance

Personal, Business, and Corporate Fraud Investigations

Cendrowski Corporate Advisors professionals work with corporate and individual clients and their legal counsel to investigate and resolve a wide range of fraudulent activities. Our senior team members have served in high-profile investigations across multiple industries ranging from large-scale, multinational corporations to small Family Offices.

When it comes to destroyed documents or other evidence, our team specializes in locating alternate documentation that has been altered or destroyed. We can also evaluate the legitimacy of latent transaction documentation, permitting transpired events to be recreated and understood. Our team’s success is a direct result of a detail-oriented philosophy that permeates every engagement.

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Dispute Resolution - Client Success: Asset Tracing and Shell Companies

Cendrowski Corporate Advisors were engaged by a receiver as forensic accounting experts to assist the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) with investigating a debt collection scheme. The defendants allegedly threatened and intimidated consumers to collect phantom payday loan “debts” they did not owe or did not owe to the defendants. Also, the defendants illegally provided portfolios of fake debt to other debt collectors. The FTC pursued these defendants to claim that it is illegal to harass people for debts they do not owe and sell phony debts to different debt collectors. The defendants had operated under numerous names and most recently held themselves out as a law firm, alleging they had the authority to sue consumers who did not pay. Due to threats and harassment, many consumers paid these fraudulent debts, which they did not owe. The court granted the FTC's request for a temporary restraining order, asset freeze, and the appointment of a receiver.

We were tasked with understanding the details and finances of the receivership defendant's business activities and locating and consolidating the receivership estate assets. We collected and reviewed financial records of the receivership defendants in an attempt to understand business operations and consolidate receivables under the control of the receiver.

Our investigation found that the receivership defendants did not have any records of financial statements, nor did they file any tax returns. It was decided that the best course of action was to subpoena various banks for account statements and other information needed to recreate the financial picture. We were able to locate assets and trace funds flowing to and from multiple affiliated entity accounts from our efforts. Most notably, most of the phantom debt collection funds were transferred into a shell company, used as the defendant's piggy bank.

Our investigation showed that this shell company conducted no business operations and was solely used to fund the owner's luxurious lifestyle. By tracing check deposits, it was discovered that the defendants were receiving monthly rent checks for properties they owned. Additional research on said properties found that the defendants used illicit funds from the phantom debt collection to buy these properties, as well as their own homes. The receiver was able to sell all properties and add these funds to the receivership estate to be returned to creditors. We also discovered through our analysis multiple hidden bank and brokerage accounts, as well other assets.

The operators of this fake debt collection scheme have been banned from the debt collection business and from selling debt portfolios. The FTC reached a favorable settlement against the defendants, with additional identified assets being added back to the receivership estate. The assets of the receivership estate were also used to pay back victimized consumers.

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