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Cendrowski Corporate Advisors provides due diligence services to banks, private equity funds, private firms, public and private companies, and non-profit organizations. Our team members perform due diligence services and handle complex investigations covering a wide range of specialties. Our operational approach goes beyond traditional due diligence procedures to assessing the organization’s ability to meet projected earnings and operational targets, including:

Quality of Earnings Analysis

Our advisors prepare Quality of Earnings Analysis of the target organization, applying our in-depth forensic and operational backgrounds to our analytical model. We go beyond the traditional financial calculation approach to understanding a target’s investment potential.

A Holistic View of the Target’s Operation

Our services provide clients with a laser-focused view of a target’s operations. We scrutinize and analyze the target’s internal control structures, facility operations, manufacturing sites, executive teams, and financial reporting practices. This holistic view of the target naturally complements your acquisition team’s strategic and financial savvy, ensuring only the best candidates garner serious attention.

Cyber Risk Profile

We assess the organization’s cyber risk profile, including the ability of the organization to detect and respond to cybercrime incidents. Additionally, we can help the fund develop ongoing monitoring procedures to help ensure their investment in the portfolio company is protected from cyber risk.

Financial Due Diligence

Cendrowski Corporate Advisors provides extensive financial due diligence, getting behind the numbers to uncover critical factors like intellectual property and business process maturity. Our trusted professionals can also conduct private background checks on co-investors, provide valuation of holdings for purchase price determination, estimate annual tax obligations, and more.

Personal Due Diligence

Often, a financial transaction includes retaining legacy management and previous owners or acquiring potential board members. Cendrowski Corporate Advisors performs comprehensive background investigations, including personal due diligence on individuals, checking for:

  • Criminal records
  • Bankruptcies
  • Owned properties
  • Previous addresses
  • Business associations

We provide these services for banks looking to better understand borrowers, including those that have fallen into workout or special asset categories; our specialists also perform personal due diligence services for firms looking to conduct background checks on potential target-company executives and employees.

Explore our expertise in:

Client Success: International Due Diligence

A large U.S. manufacturing firm engaged Cendrowski Corporate Advisors to conduct a due diligence investigation of two foreign individuals interested in making a substantial investment in one of the firm’s overseas subsidiaries. The investigation delved into the finances, political exposure, personal relationships, and business practices of all parties related to the potential investors and the subsidiary company. Our team’s scrutiny brought to light numerous red flags, including potentially incriminating political ties to foreign governments and connections to a possible terrorist group.

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Common Challenges in Family Office Operations and How Assessments Address Them

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In this video, Harry Cendrowski tackles a crucial issue for family offices: the mitigation of risk. Listen in as he discusses strategies for a balanced approach that considers both immediate and long-term risks and how to navigate these complex challenges effectively.

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How To Choose Between In House and Outsourced Staff in Family Offices

Making informed decisions about internalizing versus outsourcing involves careful consideration of several factors to protect your family’s assets and ensure efficient, secure operations and that’s what Harry Cendrowski discusses in this video.

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