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Marital Dissolution Advisory Services

Cendrowski Corporate Advisors provides marital dissolution advisory services for attorneys and their clients, including business and practice owners, non-money spouses, high net worth individuals, entrepreneurs, and retirees.

Business Valuation for Marital Dissolution Settlements

Our valuation experts have served a vast array of businesses and related interests for marital dissolution cases. We understand the difference in standards of values and how they apply in various jurisdictions and to different types of businesses, including the quantification of personal versus enterprise goodwill. Our valuations have withstood the scrutiny of trial courts and opposing counsel and their experts and have been upheld by the court of appeals.

Forensic Accounting and Investigation

Forensic accounting services represent a core competency for Cendrowski Corporate Advisors. Team members apply a detail-oriented philosophy to each engagement, using a clear process when preparing reports and expert witness testimony.

We provide advisory services to attorneys and their clients to conduct background investigations, perform asset tracing, determine the existence of separate or non-marital assets, search for undisclosed assets and income, provide digital forensics, and determine and quantify dissipation of marital assets.

Tax and Accounting

Our team’s significant experience in tax consulting and compliance for businesses and individuals allows us to take a global view of the marital dissolution litigation process.  Attorneys rely on us for a thorough understanding of tax and business implications of entity structures like limited liability companies, S corporations and C corporations, and analysis of tax documents. Our professionals are experienced in assembling marital balance sheets, preparing tax and cash flow projections, and calculating income and lifestyle analyses, both pre and post-judgment.

Dispute Advisory

Cendrowski Corporate Advisors professionals work with attorneys and their clients throughout the marital dissolution process and beyond. In both time and dollars, we recognize the cost of litigation and assist attorneys and their clients in attempting to reach a mutually agreeable settlement. If a settlement cannot be reached, we work with attorneys to prepare for trial, provide expert witness testimony, and assist with cross-examination. We also review agreements and judgments, assisting with ongoing monitoring of adherence to those agreements.

e-Discovery Services

Our team is frequently engaged to assist counsel with the discovery of potential evidence that may be stored on electronic devices like computers, tablets, and smartphones. We also have been engaged as a mutual expert on behalf of both parties to provide an inventory of available content and allow further discovery activities.

Client Success: Marital Assets Analysis

A divorced surgeon’s ex-wife petitioned for the marital estate settlement to be reopened due to her claim that he had not disclosed a disability insurance policy.  The original divorce settlement had a provision that the ex-wife would no longer receive support payments upon retirement of the doctor. The doctor had maintained a disability policy for many years to protect his family if he was ever unable to use his hands.  Unfortunately, a few years after his divorce, he suffered from an illness that caused his hands to shake, and he was forced to retire earlier than anticipated. His early retirement due to disability allowed him to collect on the disability policy, and the ex-wife believed she was entitled to proceeds from the policy. Cendrowski Corporate Advisors calculated the value of the disability policy under various present value assumptions. These calculations were used to reach a settlement. Although the ex-wife had been asking for the entire payout over his lifetime, she received a much lesser amount based on our calculations.

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