Entity Structuring and Tax Compliance Services

The entity structuring decision will impact more than simply tax results. It also affects self-employment tax, loss deduction, capital gain versus ordinary income, and gain exclusion. It will influence other business decisions, too, like any claims of creditors and the relationships between fellow shareholders, partners, or co-investors.

Entity structuring can be the single most important tax consideration for businesses. Cendrowski Corporate Advisors can help ensure you are well-informed of the implications unique to your business.

Questions to Ask About Entity Structuring

The selection of the appropriate entity structure for a business is often the single most important tax consideration for taxpayers. When should you choose a partnership versus a corporation? What should be avoided when forming a new entity?  If a partnership is a strong option, should it be a general partnership, a limited partnership, or a limited liability company?  If a corporation is best, should it be an S corporation or a C corporation?  Should there be a revocable trust or an irrevocable trust?

Cendrowski Corporate Advisors consultants help you identify the optimal choice of entity strategy for achieving the best tax and business results for your business. Our familiarity with the tax qualifications and tax reporting for each and every entity provides a distinct advantage to our clients.

REIT Qualification and Tax Compliance

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT) and Umbrella Partnership Real Estate Investment Trusts (UPREIT) are time-honored and IRS-approved vehicles for aggregating interests in real estate and providing access to investment capital in a way that’s both tax compliant and tax-efficient. Like any tax incentive structure, there are detailed, specific requirements to qualify for this favorable tax treatment.

Cendrowski Corporate Advisors, as one of the original firms to develop REIT qualification documentation and reporting, sees REIT qualification and compliance as much more than a number-crunching exercise. The process requires a thorough understanding of the services attendant to REIT income streams and comprehensive knowledge of the intricacies and nuances of investments in real estate assets.

We can assist REIT management in meeting its qualification obligations as an outsourced contractor. Alternatively, we can train your organization’s REIT management personnel so they’re able to perform their own documentation and reporting internally.

UPREITs: Unique Real Estate Investment Structures title on tax documents

UPREITs: Unique Real Estate Investment Structures

Real estate investors always seek opportunities to build, diversify, and maximize their property portfolios. One increasingly popular but complex structure – the UPREIT or umbrella partnership real estate investment trust – offers unique tax incentives for contributing property in exchange for ownership shares. But UPREITs require navigating intricate partnership agreements and tax considerations. This guide […]

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Is your business ready for the next generation? Succession planning for a family who starts a successful business has its own set of complicated issues. One family had embedded their family office in their business of real estate construction and ownership of commercial property. The patriarch’s selection of a younger female sibling started a family […]

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Why You Need to Build Transferable Value in Your Business

What is your business worth without you? One family operating business owner wanted to sell the business. The next generation of the family was too young to contribute to operating the business. When the owner consulted with an investment banker he was convinced by the banker he could sell the business to a strategic buyer […]

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