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With an experienced team of business crisis management professionals and risk management expertise, Cendrowski Corporate Advisors works with businesses in two ways: to develop proactive plans to address potential crises before they happen or reactively when an unexpected situation occurs. Our approach targets the key issues that preserve the business’ integrity with stakeholders.

In today’s media-saturated world, the mere mention of a crisis can ruin a company’s reputation. Having some preliminary plans in place can help generate a fast and appropriate crisis response. Our solutions address pressing issues and a longer view of a client company’s infrastructure to determine future risks. This crisis management approach ensures business continuity and helps prevent major impacts from affecting the organization’s core areas.

The Cendrowski Corporate Advisors Crisis Management Plan and Approach is Broken Down Into Three Steps:

Prevent: Our plans are designed to fit organizational needs. We develop a comprehensive solution for potential risks within the organization. We help business owners understand vulnerabilities in critical areas.

Identify: We find the areas of the client’s organization where risks may need to be mitigated. Our team works to develop solutions that provide stability and confidence within those core operations. The goal is to exert control and implement the necessary steps to assess and investigate.

Recover: When a business crisis occurs, our team works to implement the solution. We also provide our clients guidance and support to facilitate the crisis management plan.

With Immediate Response and Proven Strategy, Our Business Crisis Management Plans Take a Comprehensive Look Into Each Client’s Core Operations and Prepare Them for Any Scenario. This Approach Can Help:

  • Mitigate risk in terms of core areas of the business like key contracts, business functions, processes, IP, and more
  • Prepare for audit committees and develop strategies for tax planning
  • Provide direction to the Board of Directors involving technical accounting issues, fraud risk and incidents, and key financial issues
  • Improve operational processes by creating more efficient methods for crucial functions like accounts payable, document retrieval, collections, and more
  • Provide investigative intelligence in anticipation of an inquiry by a government or regulatory body
  • Create cost efficiencies that can save time, money, and manpower
  • Develop preventative measures to reduce the likelihood of a disruptive event
  • Act as an ombudsman to vet the internal issues that are critical to the organization
  • Institute public relations assistance to help drive the chosen response narrative

Our team will investigate and work to remediate any potential risk with a swift response. We monitor our client’s organization and the operational processes to mitigate risk. We also create monitoring systems that are designed to identify and solve crisis management situations rapidly.

In today’s environment, where narratives spread quickly, having an excellent reputation is essential. Our team relies on transparent communication to bring a ready-made, out-of-the-box plan to launch a business assessment or investigation that gets the business back on track. We work to maintain and potentially enhance the reputation of our client’s organization within their field or industry.

Client Success: Nonprofit Intervention

A highly visible nonprofit discovered that their executive director was able to increase his authorized compensation arrangements through a pattern of misclassification of the organization’s funds. By stating the size of the organization, inclusive of pass-through grant funds, he was able to secure a salary and fringe level in excess of what could be supported by the organization’s operating funds.

The arrangement, however, had been approved by the board, including a lucrative severance plan. The executive director was adamant that he would not leave quietly. We analyzed the historical financial presentations made by the executive director to the board. We identified the statements that could be considered misleading, especially when made to non-financial board members. Additionally, we identified a glitch in the executive director’s processing of his fringe benefits that created an opportunity to terminate the employment contracts, including the severance plan.

We provided the organization with documentation to further their discussion with the executive director regarding his departure, which allowed the public perception of the departure of the executive director to become retirement rather than litigation. The organization was able to transition to a new executive director and retain the confidence of its members and the governmental agencies granting their research funds.

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