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Financial Expert Witness Testimony

Cendrowski Corporate Advisors provides financial expert witnesses who artfully and simply communicate complex case facts through written reports and oral testimonies in legal forums.

Juries, judges, arbitrators, and mediators need to gain a complete understanding of accounting concepts and the economics of a transaction for a case to be successful. Our expert witnesses are backed by years of experience in their respective fields. Before joining the firm, many worked in industry or have an academic background in their field of expertise.

How involved Are Our Forensic Accounting Expert Witnesses in the Litigation Process?

To help identify case issues and needed documents early in the litigation process, our expert witnesses stay involved through all phases of litigation, including pre-case assessments, discovery assistance, case analysis, and testimony at trial. We have a defined client and document intake process based on our experience in expert testimony, including electronic and paper-based evidence capture, document indexing, and appropriate chain of custody controls.


Client Success: Financial Expert Witness for Improper Benefits

Cendrowski Corporate Advisors was engaged by a Trustee appointed to oversee a pension fund defrauded by their former manager. The fund had received an unqualified audit from one of the Big Four accounting firms during a period when the former manager had improperly removed approximately $60 million. Our financial expert witness team provided detailed testimony regarding CPA standards of care in opposition to the Big Four firm’s findings. We reviewed the firm’s work papers relating to the audit and firm staffing and scheduling procedures to help our client, the Trustee, identify how the company audit failed to detect the financial anomalies. Legal counsel was able to negotiate a very favorable outcome for the trustee.

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