Strategic Financial Planning Utilizing Interim CFO

Strategic financial planning is critical to the success and growth of any business. Unfortunately, many business owners are too involved in the daily operations of their businesses to spend much (or any) time on strategy. Bringing in an interim CFO, someone with extensive experience in implementing financial discipline and strategy, can help ensure that critical strategic and succession planning takes place and that the operation has a solid foundation for the future.

We help you eliminate unwarranted tax liabilities and avoid costly scrutiny by tax authorities.

Professional Tax Preparation and Filing

Professional tax preparation is an absolute necessity for high-wealth individuals and business owners. Cendrowski Corporate Advisors in metro Detroit and Chicago provide professional tax preparation to ensure maximum tax efficiency. Federal and state governments often require the results of careful research and planning to be displayed throughout tax filings, and CCA ensures those requirements are met.

Bringing in a responsive interim CFO is the right decision when an organization needs assistance with:

  • Ownership retirement
  • Product line diversification
  • Preparing for growth
  • Communicating with potential investors
  • Strategic business decisions
  • Financial discipline
  • Outgrown accounting team

Strategic Succession Planning

A critical part of strategic financial planning is succession planning. An interim CFO listens to client needs and answers important questions like:

  • What will happen to the company if the owners fall ill, retire or die while running the company?
  • Is there a plan to keep the company in the family?
  • If so, when should it happen?
  • Is everyone on board for the transition?
  • If family members are not interested in taking over the organization, what is the succession plan for ownership?
  • What leaders are available to step up when the current executive team moves on, retires, or passes away?
  • Who is ready to handle the dissolution of the business?

Cendrowski Corporate Advisors assists business leaders and Family Offices in taking a proactive approach to leadership succession planning. These conversations help bring clarity to the operation and allow for the thoughtful development of a succession plan.

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