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Exit Planning with
The Value Builder SystemTM

Start your exit planning journey with Value Builder System™ Assessment tools. Whether you are ready to move onto the next chapter of your life today, or in the future, we give you access to the tools to help you take your next steps. To get started select a question below.

How to increase the value of my business?

Is my business sellable?

Am I personally ready to exit my company?

Am I financially ready to exit my business?

How to increase the value of my business?  |   The Value Builder ScoreTM

Unlock the potential of your business with a powerful no-cost online assessment tool! Discover how easy it would be to sell your business today and receive a Value Builder Score™ , a baseline score of the sellability of your business. Plus, gain valuable insights on how to make your business more valuable, including reducing your personal involvement, boosting profits, and increasing overall value. Don't miss out on this opportunity to take your business to the next level!

For the most detailed estimate it's best to have these two items ready before starting, which can be found in previous tax documents: Pre-tax profit for the last three years, NAICS code 6 number value.

Is my business sellable?  |   The Value Builder ScoreTM

Gain a clear understanding of the current sellability of your business with the ValueBuilder Score™ Questionaire! In just a few minutes, you'll receive a ValueBuilder Score™ showing the attractiveness of your business to potential buyers if you were to sell it today.

For the most detailed estimate for exit planning, it's best to have these two items ready before starting, which can be found in previous tax documents:

● Pre-tax profit for the last three years.
● NAICS code 6 number value

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Am I personally ready for my business exit?  |   PREScoreTM

As a successful business owner, it's easy to lose sight of the inevitable - the day you leave your business behind. Recent data shows that 75% of owners regret their exit strategy, with only 5% satisfied with their net proceeds.

The 8-minute PREScore™ Questionnaire assesses your readiness to exit, whether you have a plan or not. It's free, confidential, and helps you prepare for your next chapter without regrets. Start your exit planning with the PREScore™ questionnaire!

Am I financially ready to exit my business?  |    The Freedom Score

Are you financially ready for the inevitable exit from your business? To determine the right time to exit, and its financial implications, take the 10-minute Freedom Score Questionnaire. You'll discover your Freedom Point and receive a detailed report that includes your Freedom Score, risk assessment, and necessary next steps.

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Trusted Business Valuation Services for Exit Planning by Cendrowski Corporate Advisors

At Cendrowski Corporate Advisors we understand that knowing the value of your business is critical to making informed decisions about its future. Our team of experienced professionals has the expertise and resources to provide accurate and reliable business valuations that can help you achieve your goals. Whether you need a valuation for tax, litigation, or strategic planning purposes, we can assist you with our comprehensive suite of valuation services. Visit our Business Valuation Services page to learn more about how we can help you unlock the full potential of your business.

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