Not-for-profit Organizations

Our experience with philanthropic and nonprofit organizations includes:

  • Assisting organizations with grantmaking due diligence
  • Helping organizations understand and improve their internal operating procedures
  • Guiding improvements in governance, transparency, and accountability
  • Providing verifiable performance metrics for management, board members, funding organizations, and donors

The services that we offer to the nonprofit and education sectors are unique in that our assessments look at the complete entity. Conducting a thorough assessment to ensure a solid organizational infrastructure allows you to focus on your mission. A robust foundational base creates more significant opportunities for financial support and a stronger vision and mission for the organization.

Maximizing Tax Efficiencies for Philanthropic Organizations

Our trusted advisors can prepare your tax filings for your organization’s funds and ensure that your returns comply with federal and state legislation regarding educational systems and nonprofits. Our experienced tax planning staff can minimize tax risk and maximize tax incentives for your organization.

Creating Capital, Major Gift, and Endowment Campaigns

With our strength as tax planners, our experienced team can develop strategic initiatives that help to sustain future investments into your organizations, creating vast arrays of potential revenue. We also have experience with estate and gift tax planning, so we can create capital campaigns to facilitate greater amounts of tax-deductible donations and help accrue more funding for your organization’s mission.

Internal Assessments and Development

We work with nonprofit boards and educational leaders to develop internal controls and protocols designed to establish transparency and efficiency. We also ensure that our suggested protocols are implemented correctly, and consistent support and feedback supplement these controls. In addition, our team can manage your organization’s data and create automated processes that expedite critical functions within your organization. We can assist in assessing  data management systems which enable your organization to focus on the critical decisions driving your future.

Staff and Board Development

We can perform due diligence services on staff members and incoming board members to ensure that your organization hires the right candidates. We also help provide verifiable performance metrics for management, board members, donors, and funding organizations to ensure that each step has definable and attainable goals.

Cendrowski Corporate Advisors works hand-in-hand with philanthropic and nonprofit organizations to ensure the intended community impact is achieved and the confidence of donors is well-founded.

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