Business Tax Planning and Compliance Services

How important are business tax planning and compliance? There are risks associated with paying too little, paying too much, or failing to comply with tax reporting requirements properly.

At Cendrowski Corporate Advisors, we take a team-based approach to assessing your tax obligations for proper tax compliance. Our accredited professionals are dedicated to scrutinizing each return with a focus on quality and integrity. We can become your outsourced tax department.

With comprehensive tax return tracking and coordination systems, we approach tax compliance services for your organization in an accurate, coordinated, and timely fashion. We also collaborate with your current team of attorneys and other financial advisors to maximize results.

Tax Planning & Compliance - Highly-Focused Expertise

Our clients in metro Detroit and Chicago rely on our targeted tax planning and tax compliance expertise for acquisition and
sales; income, estate, and gift tax planning; exit strategies; and dispute advisory services, including business and marital dis-
solution, shareholder disputes, and economic damages cases.

Cendrowski Corporate Advisor tax planning and compliance consultants bring more than simple solutions; we bring profes-
sional judgment and seasoned skepticism. Our tax team utilizes an integrated methodology of research, review, analysis, and
implementation to provide tax return preparation and compliance, along with the following professional services:

We help you eliminate unwarranted tax liabilities and avoid costly scrutiny by tax authorities.

Professional Tax Preparation and Filing

Professional tax preparation is an absolute necessity for business owners. Cendrowski Corporate Advisors provide professional tax preparation to ensure maximum tax efficiency and minimize risk. Federal and state governments often require the results of careful research and planning to be displayed throughout tax filings, and Cendrowski Corporate Advisors ensures those requirements are met.

Federal, state, and local governments enact tax systems that require solid technical knowledge and the ability to research and plan to complete accurate, efficient tax filings. We make certain every return is completed with a 100% focus on quality, integrity, and efficiency. We provide outsourced tax department services to help businesses fulfill filing obligations with advanced preparedness. The Cendrowski Corporate Advisors tax practice thoroughly tracks and coordinates reporting responsibilities so that you can be confident your filings are completed with accuracy.

Client Success: Partnership State Tax Compliance

Our client was selling a hotel and terminating a partnership. The general partner wanted to make a distribution to the partners and needed an estimate of the amount of cash they would need to retain to meet tax obligations. To provide guidance, Cendrowski Corporate Advisors researched state tax withholding requirements and the available options. This analysis estimated both taxable operating income and gain on the sale and the magnitude and character of the gain. The partnership had numerous partners, and past distributions were not made per ownership percentage. This meant that a special allocation of income was also required. We prepared a projected income allocation to estimate state withholding requirements for each partner. Our client was able to distribute a portion of the sale proceeds to partners knowing what should be held back for future tax liabilities.

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