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Cendrowski Corporate Advisors Joins Geneva Group International’s Global Accounting, Legal, and Consulting Alliance

Chicago and Bloomfield Hills, MI – December 4, 2019Cendrowski Corporate Advisors (CCA) – a leading accounting, litigation support, risk management, tax, and compliance consulting firm for public and private companies, family offices, and professional associations – today announced that it has joined Geneva Group International (GGI).

Founded 24 years ago as an alliance of high-quality independent law, accounting, audit, management consulting, and trust firms with a focus on serving the needs of family offices, GGI today features 605 members around the world.

With this combination, CCA adds its depth in a broad range of financial, accounting, anti-fraud, tax, and family office services to the GGI alliance’s presence in more than 120 countries, with 817 offices, worldwide. Given that GGI member firms are locally-based – and as a result, are well positioned to provide the highest level of expertise with respect to local business practices, laws, and customs – every member firm’s clients have access to a collective global knowledge bank. Indeed, CCA, and GGI’s members, are accustomed to partnering with a broad range of accounting and other professional services firms via this network, and in some cases through relationships that reach back decades.

“Today, the opportunities for cross-border business and investment have never been greater,” Harry Cendrowski, CCA Managing Director, said, “and so too is the need for expert, on-the-ground counsel around the world. For U.S.-based interests looking overseas and foreign enterprises entering the American marketplace, the CCA-GGI alliance is poised to deliver precisely the type of deeply expert and customized analysis and execution that clients need.”

Importantly, domestic and international family offices – as well as entrepreneurs on a path to sell their businesses – will be well served by the CCA-GGI combination, given the best practices the alliance can bring to bear and the ability to customize those solutions to meet a wide range of circumstances. CCA’s clients will also now have vastly expanded access to first-class lawyers, accountants, financial professionals, and investment opportunities in the U.S. and overseas.

At the same time, there is an increasing need for public and private companies alike to manage risk and simultaneously be prepared for proactive engagement in the event of a crisis. “Rightly or wrongly, stakeholders seldom give an organization the benefit of the doubt, especially when social media amplifies negative news instantly,” Cendrowski said. “With a senior engagement team who has been in the spotlight before, and advance planning whenever feasible, reputations and valuations can be protected and preserved,” he added.

“The reputation of the firm’s experts is second to none. We are very glad to welcome Cendrowski Corporate Advisors to the GGI family,” said Claudio G. Cocca, GGI Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors. “It’s a great addition to our alliance with only carefully selected member firms of good standing.”

About Cendrowski Corporate Advisors

Cendrowski Corporate Advisors is a leading CPA firm focused on complex valuation, litigation advisory, risk management, and tax consulting and compliance matters for public and private companies, family offices, and professional associations with offices in Chicago, Ill. and Bloomfield Hills, Mich. The firm provides highly personal services to clients in the corporate, banking-financial-private equity, legal, real estate, government, and non-profit industries. CCA executives have written five books (one of which is taught at the University of Michigan’s Business School) on topics ranging from private equity to fraud deterrence as well as e-discovery/cloud computing and overcoming the challenges of enterprise risk management and technology. Since 1983, CCA and its affiliates have worked hand-in-hand with company leaders, boards, attorneys, and litigation support personnel across a range of sectors.

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