GGI World Conference Recap

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GGI World Conference Recap

Attending GGI World Conference is just one way we expand our knowledge. We also broaden our access to an extensive network of expertise and contacts through GGI Global Alliance. That opens a world of resources to benefit you.

Harry Cendrowski attended Montreal’s GGI World Conference as global chair of the GGI Trust & Estate Planning Group (TEP). He mingled with more than 500 professionals from 60 countries in legal, accounting, financial advisory, and specialty consulting.

Trust and Estate Planning Group Panel

Harry Cendrowski led a conversation with the best minds in global trust and estate planning. The group focused on cross-border issues related to the mobility of high-net-worth private clients.

The main takeaway? It is critical to develop and maintain a network of collaborators worldwide that can adequately address such issues.

Panelists Provide Perspective

The perspectives and insights provided at the conference enable our specialists to offer leading-edge counsel on specific tax planning strategies:

  • Carlos Frühbeck, managing partner of Ficesa Treuhand, SAP, discussed the fine points of legal and tax considerations on inheritances in Spain.
  • Darlene Hart, CEO of London-based US Tax & Financial Services, covered The Malta CAA, one of the IRS’s “dirty dozen” abusive tax transactions and schemes.
  • Tax and business lawyer Raul Omar Lara Paez, a partner at PRL & Asociados in Mexico, outlined steps for protecting clients’ assets in Mexico before a possible inheritance tax.
  • Kim Moody provided great tax tips on standard Canadian estate planning tools for high-wealth individuals holding Canadian assets.

Giving Back to the Profession Benefits You

Membership in GGI supports the firm’s commitment and dedication to collaborating with enterprises, private companies, and high-net-worth individuals.

Thanks to this global partnership, Cendrowski Corporate Advisors has a distinctive advantage: we can quickly tap GGI thought leaders with similar practice specialties when our clients face cross-border challenges.

GGI also broadens our perspective with access to international issues and news, helping us bring better approaches and solutions to the table. By sharing ideas, experiences, and views, the firm gains deep insight into issues specific to high-net-worth individuals. As we strengthen our practice and point of view through GGI membership, we continue to apply our new skills to address your areas of concern.

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