Corporate Transparency Act Webinar: Prepare Your Business for a New Era of Corporate Governance | December 5th, 2023

Corporate Transparency Act Webinar

The Corporate Transparency Act, commonly referred to as the CTA, is a significant piece of legislation that impacts businesses across the United States. With an enforcement deadline of January 1, 2024, it’s essential for businesses, including LLCs and small businesses, to grasp the implications of this act and take proactive steps to comply with its provisions.

Cendrowski Corporate Advisors is excited to announce an upcoming webinar that will provide valuable insights and guidance on how to prepare your business for the new era of corporate governance brought about by the CTA.

Corporate Transparency Act Webinar Details

Cendrowski Corporate Advisor Presenters

  • Harry Cendrowski, Cendrowski Corporate Advisors’ founder, boasts 35+ years of family office expertise backed by certifications in financial forensics, business valuation, and fraud examination. As an author of renowned books on fraud and risk management, Harry offers invaluable insights. For more on his extensive qualifications, visit his bio page.
  • Jim Martin, a key asset at Cendrowski Corporate Advisors, specializes in risk assessments, process improvements, and litigation support services. With extensive experience in evaluating internal control structures and a background in management roles at a Big-4 CPA firm and Chrysler Financial, Jim is a seasoned professional. He is also a prolific author of books related to his expertise. Most recently Jim has written a comprehensive e-book about the Corporate Transparency Act available for download: “Unveiling Transparency: A Comprehensive Guide to the Corporate Transparency Act and Beneficial Ownership.”

Corporate Transparency Act Webinar Agenda

Harry Cendrowski and Jim Martin will provide an in-depth overview of the Corporate Transparency Act, explaining its key provisions, objectives, and implications for businesses of all sizes.

  • Compliance Strategies: The webinar will delve into practical compliance strategies, outlining the steps businesses need to take to ensure they meet the CTA’s requirements before the impending deadline.
  • Reporting Obligations: Attendees will gain a comprehensive understanding of their reporting obligations under the CTA, including who needs to report, what information must be disclosed, and how to navigate the reporting process effectively.
  • Avoiding Penalties: Harry and Jim will also discuss the potential penalties for non-compliance with the CTA. Understanding these consequences is crucial for businesses looking to protect themselves from legal and financial risks.
  • Q&A Session: The webinar will include an interactive Q&A session, allowing attendees to ask specific questions related to their businesses and the CTA.

The Corporate Transparency Act is a game-changer in the world of corporate governance, affecting a vast number of businesses across the nation. To ensure your business is well prepared for the changes ahead, join us on December 5th. Don’t wait until it’s too late – register now and take the proactive steps needed to comply with the CTA before the January 1, 2024, deadline. We look forward to helping you navigate this important transition in corporate governance.

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